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Conservation agriculture started 7 years ago in this field; the farmer started planting in the bush. There are now 20 small farmers (out of 35-40) adopting the concept in the area. 
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Laboratory technician verifies the characteristics of some wood samples at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA). This forms part of the activities in the computerization of the wo ...
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Malpighia punicifolia, Astrocaryum vulgare, Rollinia mucosa and Averrhoa carambola fruits on sale at a street market. 
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Uso atual das terras (Land use Map) 
FAO GeoNetwork
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Detail of the trunk of a century-old Ceiba pentandra in the Emilio Goeldi botanic park, situated in an area of about 1 sq km in the middle of the city of Belém. 
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Large-scale nursery. Photos 5154-5146 cover various aspects of industrial forest plantations. 
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