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Release notes

Version: Release 1.1.1 - uniting our data

Release date: 30 January 2014

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Structured search
  • Multilingual text search, including multilingual dictionaries (from agrovoc )
  • Statistical Data Warehouse homepage and About page translated in 6 languages
  • Improved Arabic support
  • Metadata translations of the Statistical Topic Tree
  • Improved data query panel
  • Fullscreen support for all browsers and devices
  • New set of GAEZ maps added
  • Geonetwork maps tagged
  • Photo tags improved
  • Bug fixing

Version: Release 1.1 - uniting our data

Release date: 11 December 2013

Additional content available:

  • Two Gaez Datasets
  • Crop Calendar
  • GEZ Map
  • Structured search
  • Dataset performance improvements
  • Mapset feature
  • Measure, Dimension and Member Landing Pages
  • Ingestion and synchronization of four World Bank (GDP) datasets
  • Improved performance and stability of the portal to provide an enhanced user experience

Version: Mini Release 1.01 – Query API and Corporate Look and Feel

Release date: 11 November 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Portal new Look and Feel – Integrated with the corporate layout
  • Data and Metadata Query API
  • CAF secure authentication feature for the Query API
  • Data Query Page: new look and feel
  • Generic chart for Measure and for Dimension Members
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Bugs fixed

Version: Official Release 1.0 – Performance and stability improvements, statistics landing page, more data available

Release date: 30 September 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Pictures added:
    • Grassland species photolibrary, a gallery of photos of more than 600 grassland species
    • FAO Aquaculture photo library, photo library on global practices of aquaculture
  • Maps added:
    • Forest Resource Assessment 2015
    • Aquamaps maps on rainfall
    • Fishery maps on hydrology and weather
  • Statistics datasets added:
    • Air and climate change - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Energy - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Fertilizers - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Land - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Livestock - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Pesticides - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Soil - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Water - Faostat Agri Environmental Indicators
    • Agriculture Total - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Burning Crop Residues - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Crop Residues - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Cultivated Organic Soils - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Enteric Fermentation - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Manure applied to soils - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Manure left on pasture - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Manure Management - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Rice Cultivation - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Synthetic Fertilizers - Faostat Emissions Agriculture
    • Cropland - Faostat Emissions Land Use
    • Forest Land - Faostat Emissions Land Use
  • More datasets can be shown as statistical map
  • All tables, charts and maps on all landing-pages can now be easily embedded with one click
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Stability and performance improvements
    • Liferay portal version upgrade
    • Web caching improvements
    • Metadata query performances tuning
  • Added statistics page as entry point of the Statistical Data Warehouse
    • Added Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA) navigation tree
    • Completed mapping of all datasets in the CSA
    • Glossary

Version: Beta Release 3 – More data, better experience, 6 languages

Release date: 14 June 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Website mostly translated into the 6 languages. Supporting pages are not translated.
  • Data and metadata is now shown in chosen language whenever available.
  • FAOdata search now handles basic plurals better and supports multiple languages through AgroVoc and regular expressions
  • Pictures added:
    • FAO Corporate Photo database (MEDIABASE)
    • Animal Diseases (EMPRES-i)
    • Land Management Systems
    • Soil Erosion
  • Statistics datasets added:
    • Agro-maps
    • Hunger map
  • Maps added:
    • Global Country Boundaries for 2012
    • A limited set of statistical maps has been added as map resources
  • Introduced new resource types Websites and Tools (information systems) added:
    • FAO catalogue of websites and information systems.
  • Tags now show broader, narrower and related concepts.
  • Places pages now show a map.
  • Map page maps have improved legends and click to query function (enabled on selected maps)
  • Datasets now implement preferences to manage how the data are displayed
  • Dataset table, chart and map query interface revised to improve usability, loading time and performance. More to come in the next release.
  • Dataset table, chart and map now all support full screen display.
  • More datasets can be shown as statistical map.
  • Statistical maps are now faster and handling of changes in countries over time improved.
  • Map widget has improved usability on touch devices (iOS/Android).
  • Introduced new advanced data grid and data tree widgets.
  • Embedding table, chart and map content widgets is now even easier due to auto-configuration tool that generates code snippets.
  • Dimension pages now display associated hierarchies and attributes.
  • Dimension members can now be download in CSV format.
  • Improved SEO (indexing by search engines such as Google)
  • Many improvements in website performance, interface consistency and usability.
  • Many reported issues problems have been resolved.

Version: 2.0.1 Beta Release

Release date: 10 May 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Assorted bug fixes, refactoring, stability and minor performance improvements
  • Search Engine Optimizations
  • Improved usage of relationships between Agrovoc tags

Version: 2.0 Beta Release - Building on our Foundation

Release date: 4 April 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Statistical maps are now shown on all data query pages.  An interactive map allows the user to specify the data filters, choose background layers, view the appropriate geopolitical shapes by date, interrogate values by clicking on the relevant feature and view the legend.
  • A single master geographic dimension is now used to link the spatial component of almost all the statistical datasets.  This can be seen through the places and country pages and the full text search.
  • Table uploads of data in CSV format (with accompanying metadata) is now managed through the website, for internal users with appropriate permissions.
  • Data query page no longer defaults to automatic execution, making multiple filter selections faster.
  • Photo and map landing page improvements
  • Map display performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Version: 1.0.5 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 22 February 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • On data query page separated table and charts tabs, and made configurable
  • Handle datasets without a time dimension
  • Performance improvements to data query filters with many elements
  • Improved search page filter toggling
  • Improved handling of photo thumbnails, and more appropriate choice of photo resolutions
  • Various bug fixes

Version: 1.0.4 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 29 January 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Map legend improvements
  • Map display improvements (responsive display, improved performance)
  • Map and Picture download formats increased
  • Merged query and chart filter saving on Data query pages
  • Administrator Control Panel enhancements
  • Various bug fixes

Version: 1.0.3 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 15 January 2013

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Tag search page now shows only tags with associations
  • SEO improvements, removal of many broken links
  • Tagging fixes on pin page
  • Fixed broken SDMX links
  • Citation text improvements
  • Switch to iconic fonts
  • Upgrade of bootstrap library (fixes modal popups on mobile devices)

Version: 1.0.2 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 20 December 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Added the possibility to delete your own pinned photos (if they are not used yet)
  • Improved map legend display
  • Fixed tag association removal, and blocked insertion of duplicate tags
  • Assorted generic chart fixes
  • Fixed various problems for Internet Explorer 7

Version: 1.0.1 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 17 December 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • handled session expiry on Data query page (was leading to blank data pages)
  • improved map legends
  • fixed chart title links to data query page
  • fixed many default charts on dimension and dimension members page, and better handling of empty charts
  • assorted security improvements
  • fixed tagging problems with user-defined tags
  • hid cleartext emails for Contacts
  • Fixed authorization problems for Facebook and Google accounts
  • fixed new users defaulting to Arabic problem


Version: 1.0 Beta Foundation Release

Release date: 12 December 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Re-organized the use of URLs and subdomains
  • All search pages improved to handle various display modes (including with lazy loaded images), filters, text search and ordering
  • Search results page - improved filters and significant performance improvements
  • Handle Shared, Private and master dimensions of statistical datasets
  • Added possibility for data owners to save more flexible charts, and embed on the About pages
  • Data query page improvements:
    • show results in chart format
    • handle hierarchized and non hierarchized results
    • allow toggle of automatic query execution
    • improved handling of harmonized data flags
  • Improved metadata display for maps
  • Refined metadata fields and display modes for pictures
  • Separated metadata and about tabs for resource types with rich metadata.
  • Implemented basic Site filter for search results of resource types



Version: 0.9.0 internal review- Maps and More

Release date: 24 September 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Loaded a number of Geonetwork and GAEZ map layers
  • Search and landing pages now enabled for maps
  • Map landing pages now show interactive maps where available, otherwise preview image.
  • Picture pinning (see the /pin page) and Picture search and landing pages now enabled


Version: 0.8.2 internal review

Release date: 13 September 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Back-end Catalog engine upgrade
  • Provided photo pinning functionality to add photos from other websites
  • Initial search and landing pages for geographic layers and images
  • Data query page improvements:
    • Aggregated dimensions now always shown in the 'You selected' filter, making it easier to understand the active filters being used.  Selecting one or more members for each dimension has been made mandatory.
    • Extended date filter to handle Day, Month and Year date types
    • Saved queries now handle different heirarchies and levels
  • Improvements to generic charts customization features
  • Improved statistical concept display captions
  • Fixed full text search result counts and filters.  Many resources previously hidden now made available.
  • Improved the tag search


Version: 0.8.1 internal review

Release date: 27 July 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Data query page improvements:
    • removed limits on max number of columns and years selected
    • allow heirarchized queries (queries on different levels of a heirarchy at once)
    • allow showing or hiding of empty values in results
    • legend to explain table colour coding, and disable option
    • column pagination for large result sets
  • Introduced statistical collections, for grouping datasets within a database (e.g. FAOSTAT Production)
  • Tag landing pages improved, with all tag details and associated resources showing
  • Tag approval process improved
  • Highlighted active menu items and show breadcrumbs to aid in navigation
  • Improved error handling on metadata editor screens
  • Intoduced Google Chrome Frame option for IE7 and older browsers
  • Performance improvements and IE7 specific fixes
  • Various bug fixes


Version: 0.8 internal review - Statistics and Social

Release date: 22 June 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • First candidate release for internal review by Statistics Coordination Working Group (SCWG), data owners of included datasets and Key Users
  • On data query page allow the choice of different heirarchy groupings for a dimension
  • Developers api and widget pages online


Version: 0.7 preview

Release date: 14 June 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Site now available on Production url (internal, authorized access only)
  • User authorizations and permissions now retrieved from central catalog
  • Licence agreement and workflow introduced for downloads
  • Added bulk download of datasets in CSV format
  • Added 'Like' functionality for all resource pages
  • Replaced country maps Flex viewer with HTML viewer
  • Fixed various problems with resource metadata editing
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements


Version: 0.6 preview

Release date: 25 May 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Metadata view and editing also introduced for datasets, dimensions and measures
  • Improved online help and translation structure for metadata editing
  • Places search now includes Fishing Areas
  • Blind-data charts (data availability) introduced on all relevant pages
  • Custom charts (top countries, top members etc) introduced on all relevant pages (draft version)
  • Dimensions now have a details tab with code lists (where available)
  • Added flags (as tooltips) to the data tables
  • Added possibility to show/hide decimals on data tables
  • Introduced Tag approval process for data owners (new tags and tag associations)
  • Available tags now include all Agrovoc terms
  • QR codes and permalinks now available
  • Initial citations functionality (draft version)
  • Technical:
    • Increased back-end integration with upgraded ESB api and centralized catalog (all metadata and images now pulled exclusively from central catalog)
    • Switched to Postgres db for Liferay
    • Introduced caching of lists and query results on portal


Version: 0.5 preview

Release date: 19 Mar 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Upgraded to Liferay 6.1 and introduced bootstrap framework
  • Places search now searches for multiple geographic dimensions, configurable by the user
  • Search pages now have table or flat list view modes
  • Topic search page redesigned to use images for topics and subtopics
  • Save/edit query feature on the data query page
  • Popup windows improved on all devices
  • Tag search rotator on home page
  • Developer page enriched with api instructions
  • Database landing page enhanced
  • Database metadata edit enhanced and translation features added.

Version: 0.3 preview

Release date: 14 Feb 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Attachment of metadata from the catalog to the database resource pages
  • Edit metadata feature implemented on the database resource
  • Improvements to the data query page - management of multiple where and when dimensions, and multiple heirarchies, swap axes
  • Autocomplete of heirarchical item lists on the data query page
  • Fixed drag and drop for touch devices on the data query page

Version: 0.2.2 preview

Release date: 7 Feb 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Various improvements for the tablet and smartphone browsing experience
  • Clearer links to the data from the various resource pages
  • Improvements to the Download links of the various landing pages
  • Introduction of sample RoamBI links for data analysis on iOS devices (see the FIGIS Acquaculture and FAOSTAT Crops, National Production datasets for examples)

Version: preview

Release date: 16 Jan 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Various minor styling improvements
  • New external url for testing mobile devices

Version: 0.0.2 preview

Release date: 10 Jan 2012

Added functionality/improvements:

  • Added economic and geographic regions to the Places page, and landing pages for the regions
  • Added regions and land border countries to the Country landing page
  • Added direct links to 'View the data' to the dimension, dimension member and measure landing pages and search results
  • Added dimension members listing page to the 'Data' tab of the Dimension landing page.
  • Improved performance on the data query page, especially for Internet Explorer 7
  • Changed 'Items' menu item to 'Concepts' and combined dimension and measure search into single search page
  • Added dimension captions to the data query page
  • Restyled the various search pages to avoid truncating long names and use the full page width
  • Added sources links to the various charts
  • Various bug fixes and styling improvements

Version: 0.0.1 preview

Release date: 15 Dec 2011

  • Limited functionality internal preview site - to be made available gradually to selected key users in FAO.

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