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FAOdata - Uniting our data

FAOdata brings together statistics, maps, pictures (and soon documents) on nutrition, food and agriculture from throughout the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, providing easy access, a powerful search engine and data visualizations all in one convenient location.

FAOdata already unites data from 24 of our databases related to 198 countries and includes:

  • 64 Statistical datasets
  • 235,025 Maps
  • 61,714 Pictures
  • 8685 Tags

Need data on food security and agriculture?

Search and filter using Faodata's powerful search engine.

Download data that can be compared and viewed in many different ways.

Create charts, maps or tables from selected data.

Embed widgets in the form of charts, maps and tables in other sites.

Tag content that is appropriate to you, and use these tags to make quick and relevant searches in the future.

Cite searches and build a bibliographies (available in different formats e.g. Harvard)

Share findings through a wide range of social media channels including Twitter, Google +, facebook and many more.

Use data and metadata APIs allowing applications to access data directly and share it with other websites. (to learn more about using APIs go to Developers)

Need data on the go?

Give FAOdata a try from your smartphone or tablet. FAOdata uses a responsive design and is accessible from all modern web browsers.

Have any suggestions? Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey or click at any time on [feedback]. Your input is always appreciated.

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